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Top Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers - 2021 [UPDATED]

Are you looking for Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers? Than you are at the Right Place. Browse through Popular and Most Asked Interview Questions for Automation Anywhere.  There is a Huge Demand for Automation Anywhere Professionals in the Market. These Questions are suitable for both Freshers and Experienced Professionals and are based on Trending Topics and as per Current Industry Requirements.

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Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

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A Clipboard is a special variable which stores the value of system clipboard (Ctrl+c). We can utilize clipboard subcommands like Clear Clipboard, Assign to Clipboard, and Assign from Clipboard to variable clipboard value.

File Data Column is the system variable uses in a loop to read each record in a CSV/Text file and it returns the single node of the file (Return type is String).

Properties of the respective task will carry forward to control room when we deploy a task, Unlike Schedule and Triggers will only restrict to Developer Client.

There are three types of recorders available in AA Screen Recorder: Suitable for desktop applications. Smart Recorder: Suitable for both Web and Desktop applications. Web Recorder: Suitable for only Web applications.

There are nearly 575+ commands available in Automation Anywhere command Library in AAE Client Task Editor.

Using Email Automation Command we can automatically manage the email messages such as manage your incoming emails and extract attachments to specific folder, clear unwanted email messages, communicate your email server and monitor email activity etc. But, send email command we can trigger the emails and include the attachments with it and format the message in HTML. Note: Email Automation Command having Sub Commands of getting All Messages, Delete All Messages, and Delete Message.

There are three types of bots creators in AA Task Bots: Develops based on Drag & Drop Commands in AA Command Library. Meta Bots: Develops based on Visual Screen Capture, API’s (DLL), Navigational Flows. IQ/Vision Bots: Develops based on Artificial Intelligence in an upcoming version of AAE client tool has to integrate this feature.

Screen Recorder is best suitable for Capture Mouse Click, Keystroke Operations such as Click, moments, Click and drag, Insert Keystrokes.

Auto Login automatically unlocks and log into a computer while running an automated task means auto-login option allows you to run tasks on computers that are unattended. Auto-Login unlocks the computer, and runs the automated tasks, and returns the computer to the original state.

In some automation tasks might require to wait for the screen to change or window to open in such cases we can use Wait Command to wait for the Bot till the respective window or screen exists. Delay command is a hard-coded value we can use in AA. Note: Wait for command consists of Wait for Window, Wait for screen change subcommands

A hotkey is a shortcut key we can use to run the task in Automation Anywhere Enterprises Client (AAE Client). In AAE Client to assign a hotkey select task–>properties–>hot key.

Smart Recorder is used to capture window objects such as coordinates, object properties, image Playback mode. Also, we can adjust the object identification criteria in AA binoculars (object properties).

Handwritten documents, Scanned PDF, PPT are the least friendly formats. Word Document, Typed PDF are moderately friendly formats. Excel, CSV, Text files are most friendly formats of AA.

For AA Task Bots use verbs to describe the Bot action, Pascal casing and for variables always starts with ‘v’ (e.g. vCustomerName)

The following are the system requirements required for AAE client Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later versions. 1024*768 or higher screen monitor. 4 GB of RAM etc.

Web CR acts as a centralized server that enables monitoring, deploying, and scheduling of Bots anywhere, anytime. The components of Web CR include: Control Room Settings License Management Support Site User Profile Features Panel

A session name represents a data stream and by default, the session is “Default”. Session name becomes relevant when there are multiple connections open simultaneously and we cannot have 2 sessions with the same name open simultaneously even across all bots.

Terminal Emulator command to access and control default, DOS-based actions of remote terminals and Main Frames also one of them. The terminal emulator connects to following terminal types VT1000 TN3270 TN5250 ANSI

AAApplicationPath returns the product application path.

To create a Time Stamp in Automation Anywhere we can use System Variables such as Month, Day, and Year. To see a date with time use Date Note: An above all variable returns only system values.

Using Log To File command we can log the data into a file and we can specify the file path.

The following are the Technical Requirements required for AAE Client Run Anywhere on private, public, Cloud-based usage. Windows XP and later versions etc.

In AAE Client click on MANAGE->REPOSITORY.

AA variable manager having List, Array, Value, Random data types for Task Bots.

A MetaBot is an automation blueprint of an application that can be re-used to optimize processes. They help you standardize your processes end to end. MetaBots enable you to create automation building blocks that capture information in the form of visuals capture (screen) or application APIs. These can thereon be integrated as commands and further leveraged by varied processes to deliver value at multiple levels.

Using Web Recorder we can extract data from website/Online portal and also web recorder works based on provided URL and 100% IE support.

Using Variable operation Command in task command library we can assign a value to an existing variable that has been previously defined.

The Web Control Room feature panel includes. Repository Manager Operations Room Security User Management Audit Trail Task Schedules Clients Credentials Manager App Management

Mechanization Anywhere can robotize any monotonous undertakings on your PC or the Internet. Robotization Anywhere accompanies various straightforward errands that you can raced to get comfortable with what Automation Anywhere can do. To run a basic assignment, in the Folders list, pick Sample Tasks. Under Task List, feature an undertaking, and pick Run. (To see the directions contained in an assignment, feature the errand and pick Edit.) Robotization Anywhere speeds your work process via computerizing numerous intricate assignments – for instance: Use Automation Anywhere to computerize tedious business forms: check stock, re-request supplies, produce reports, empower quick information passage and arranging, and so on. Mechanize Web assignments. For instance: signing into sites, seeking, submitting frames, refreshing records, overseeing ERP Web front-closes, and so on. Robotization Anywhere is perfect for computerizing complex IT undertakings: site observing, site testing, redundant framework organization errands, and so forth. Use Automation Anywhere to robotize information exchanges, and import or fare information between applications or from documents. Robotize routine reinforcements and document the executives assignments. Computerize programming testing and routine Web improvement testing assignments. Use Automation Anywhere to computerize work planning. Robotization Anywhere is perfect for bunch information preparing. Robotize FTP assignments. With a Premier or Enterprise permit, you can undoubtedly share assignments by changing over them to independent .exe records. For instance, organizations and IT chiefs can produce .exes for normal programming design and the board undertakings, for example, introducing programming changes, and so forth.

Control Room is Server Component in AA. This part is to hold the whole data in the devices. The control room is an activity and validation of all customers inside the customer condition. It is controlled all the client and observing assignment dependent on the control room activity. We can simple to controlled clients, analyzers and abnormal state individuals inside the association. Control Room Options: Dashboard Archive Manager Task Control Room Review Trail Errand Scheduler Security Customer Qualification Manager Application. The executives

To catch picture joins, radio catches, content boxes, check boxes and other web control Automation Anywhere Web Recorder – > Manage Web Controls permits catch of web controls and relegate the factors.

Oversee Windows Controls order enables you to work with windows controls like registration and radio catches. With this order, you can see whether the radio catch or checkbox is checked or not. Mechanization Anywhere bolsters just standard Windows checkboxes and radio catches. Article Cloning direction to perceived Articles and an assortment of their properties, including Name, Type, Path, and Value

Picture Recognition is another component of the Visualize Technology accessible in Automation Anywhere Enterprise. Utilizing Visualize Technology, Image Recognition permits the acknowledgment and correlation of pictures from record or window.

Lock the PC In Automation Anywhere Client, open the Task Editor. To open a current errand, select the assignment in the Task List, and snap Edit. To make another errand, click New, or pick Tools > Task Editor. In the Task Editor, in the Commands list, double tap System. A submenu shows up. Double tap Lock Computer. The System exchange shows up. Note the green image demonstrating that the Shutdown order can help spare vitality and extra the earth.

Choosing or picking the testing devices like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism is the essential thing. From that point forward, the subsequent stage is characterizing the computerization scope pursued by the stages arranging, structuring just as advancement. Testing execution is the following stage and support is the last advance. It is pivotal to pursue steps while characterizing the grouping along these lines taking out perplexity.

The principal thing before considering anything is focusing and choosing the computerization instrument that is advantageous. It additionally requires focusing on the structure for the situation where it is available. Distinguishing the test expectations is the other factor to consider. Additionally, different factors, for example, venture courses of events, execution, and so forth should be dealt with amid the arranging stage.

The essential issue is manual trying requires a great deal of extra assets just as additional time utilization. Additionally exists a few blunders because of error in instances of huge activities with time limits. It is anything but a savvy alternative for picking manual testing at occasions of complex documentation levels as it can corrupt the execution of the assets. Indeed, even the assets performing testing or the students taking mechanization anyplace preparing or Blue Prism preparing in Bangalore may lose enthusiasm for accomplishing a similar undertaking over and over in a limited ability to focus time.