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Top Google Cloud Interview Questions and Answers - 2021 [UPDATED]

Are you looking for Google Cloud Interview Questions and Answers? Than you are at the Right Place. Browse through Popular and Most Asked Interview Questions for Google Cloud.  There is a Huge Demand for Google Cloud Professionals in the Market. These Questions are suitable for both Freshers and Experienced Professionals and are based on Trending Topics and as per Current Industry Requirements.

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Google Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

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the cloud is nothing but it is a combination of storage, Hardware, interface, Network. By using a cloud we can provide the service throughout the world.

Cloud computing is nothing but it is a computational power it completely involved on to the cloud

Cloud which is working under community Propriety cloud Public cloud Mixed cloud

AWS Cloud Google cloud Azure cloud

E-commerce applications Internet Of Things Storage application etc

By using cloud computing we have many advantages i.e we can back up and store the large no.of data, best server capability, etc

Physical Layer Platform Layer Infrastructure Layer Application Layer

Yes, It will create the virtualization storage, network, application, and operating system, etc.

First need to check the what kind of business it is, then should very careful about backup the data, fast accessing of the server, etc.

KVM,Open Stack,docker,apache memos etc

The cloud will encompass multiple elements which will be complicated. The system measuring system within the cloud is that the strategy that gives the method of coming up with the cloud, desegregation the assorted elements for making a hybrid or a non-public cloud network among other things.

Sl.No Cloud Data Centers Data Centers 1. Installation cost is low. Installation cost is high. 2. Modifications are easy with respect to scale Modifications are difficult with respect to scale 3. Maintenance is easy Maintenance is difficult 4. Uptime is good Uptime is not good

By using API we do not need to write the code again,just if by using already existing APIS we can implement the applications in the cloud.

Scalability is nothing but increase or decrease the service quality and ability

Elasticity is nothing but adding or removing the virtual machine at the production environment

Yes platform as service is important in the cloud because of making proper virtualization it is important

To secure the data while the transporting happened, need to check encryption key

Validating the input Reconciliation output Processing the data Backup and security

Simple multi-tenancy Fine grain multi-tenancy

centralized data centers, Low-density data centers

professional cloud personal cloud performance cloud

No physical infrastructure is required Proper utilization No pressure on maintenance

Processor Speed cloud storage and provided services Cloud ingress

Cleanup phase Shutdown phase Launch Phase Monitor Phase

Technical Architecture, Reference architecture, Deployment architecture

scalability, elasticity, auto de-provisioning, self-service provisioning,as per usage billing will happen.

Google bitable Amazon SimpleDB Cloud-based SQL

EUCALYPTUS” stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems”


One of the largest paid cloud computing technology is the Google cloud, this user storage and backup the data. It is developed by the google

Google Cloud Container Engine Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine Google Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud Job Discovery Google Compute Engine Google BigQuery Service Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Endpoints Google Cloud App Engine Google Cloud Test Lab

Google cloud platform provides the vast kind libraries for programming languages like Java, Python and Ruby etc. Google cloud is also having a console and also it will support XML, API and JSON API format

This cloud platform you can access from anywhere in the world for the best prices, scalability is very good in the Google cloud platform, Security of the data is very good in Google platform

Best reasonable prices, platform independent, Advanced performance and technology, good service, commitment is good, etc.

Google cloud platform provides the first 12 months is the free service up to certain data limit thereafter need to pay the amount as per the data uses plans. But prices are very reasonable

Using OAuth 2.0 Through client library Directly with an access token

Google Compute Engine is the IaaS product, Google App Engine is a PaaS product of Google.

Google Cloud Platform Console service accounts Google Compute Engine service accounts

It is having different owners and users for an account. Billing different for each project

Enter into the Platform Console of Google Cloud Once popup, select an existing project or create the new project In order to set up billing, follow the prompts.

Whenever a replacement project is made, the project variety for that’s created mechanically whereas the project variety is made by the user himself. The project variety is required and necessary whereas the project id are often optional for might services (but it’s a requirement for the Google work out Engine). Simple however one in all the simplest Google Cloud interview queries, this question could also be asked within the Google Cloud Engineer interview. So, it’s necessary to hide the fundamental ideas of comes whereas going for the Google Cloud interview.

No, Retrieving the deleted project is difficult

It is the replacement of data warehouse,it uses for more data analysis.

To run the red hat Linux enterprise To run the apt-get on Debian/Ubuntu By using the script for the installer