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Top MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers - 2021 [UPDATED]

Are you looking for MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers? Than you are at the Right Place. Browse through Popular and Most Asked Interview Questions for MongoDB.  There is a Huge Demand for MongoDB Professionals in the Market. These Questions are suitable for both Freshers and Experienced Professionals and are based on Trending Topics and as per Current Industry Requirements.

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MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers

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MongoDB: data mode are document database scalability is read only query of the data is multi-index Cassandra: data mode are big table like database scalability is write only query of the data is using key or scana

it is consider has nosql database because documented oriented (do).

in database hte namespace is used

index is very huge then index will not fit to RAM.

yes when the object attribute is delete then the object will be drop

it th DO database which use in high availability and it is dynamic schema loction

high perform high availability automatic scaling,

create read update delete

the process of storing the record in multiple Machine is know has sharing.

Mongos use db_adminCommand (“connPoolStats”);

A replica set is the group of magodb instance which is host in same data set

the process of synchronization across the multiple server os know has replication.

below are the following point need to be take care while carating the schema the combine objects into one document if you use them together for most frequent use cases optimize your schema

syntax. db.create Collection(name,options)

syntax: drop collection in MongoDB is db.collection.drop()

Timestamp Client machine ID Client process ID byte incremented counter

syntax : database.collection.insert (document).

And how many master does MongoDB allow? Command syntax isMaster()

syntax db._adminCommand(“connPoolStats.”)

syntax : >db.COLLECTION_NAME.ensureIndex ( {KEY:1} ).

while storing and retrieving large files such as images.

Cassandr CouchDB Redis Riak

It is a document oriented database.

it Permits highly flexible and scalable document structure. does not support such relationships.

it can run on small amount of data because it is dynamic space are allocated and re-allocated.

It is an open source database and prominent NOSQL database.

It is a Schema less. Structure of a single object is clear. No complex joins. Easy of scale-out

Use Database name Example: Use MYDB

String, Integer, Boolean, Double, Array, Timestamp, Date, Regular expression

Pretty () method used to display in formatted way.

It will used to limit the value display from the documents. DB.DBNAME.find ().limit (number)

Sum, Avg, Min, Max, Push, addToSet, first, last

It is the process of synchronizing data across multiple server. It provides redundancy and increases data availability with multiple copies of data on different database server.WHY: To keep data safe, High availability of data, disaster recovery, No downtime for maintenance.


CRUD operations are Create, Read, Update, Delete.

Embedded documents are received while they were small, given the relations between the related data has been written in one body.

Application Level Encryption provides encryption or per-per-written from the field in the application layer.

MongoDB encryption encrypts data stored on any storage or processing by operating system may not be able to access protected data.

That stands in a few MongoDB collection. Therefore, the list is kept in a lump of dough of all substances, it is either in size. It is only when there is additional time slot, there will be no piece of information was a few choices, but the lump is more than 1, data is far from a lot of slices and can be extended up to 64 MB.

When the common segment DB DB is Couchbase Couchbase Brunfelsia necessary in many ways, crossing points, all of which differ in the form of ecological duplications etc. As to the execution

By sequencing of database, and the names of the pages linked from a specified collection is used.

So deleted. It is better to be safe to remove the attribute.

Since, however, the present and the old files are converted to the backup file is moved at the time of the acquisition moveChunk directory space.

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